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Who is St. De Paul Assistance Center?

The St. De Paul Assistance Center is a community of donators, charitable organizations, developers, and other contributors, collaborating to help people who are struggling.

  For those who need help
St De Paul combines collaborative development, a collaborative wiki, and an engaging community to help people who need help get assitance for free, and to make applying for social services easy.
  For those who want to help
St De Paul makes it easy for charitable organizations to help people who are in need in their area. And 100% of donations made to people who need help go directly to the people who need help.
  For community leaders
Community leaders can help their community (and other communities) by adding information to our wiki, contributing to development, donating, or spreading the word.

How we can help

St. De Paul offers these services that help people are struggling:

Helper Database

The Helper database connects people and organizations who want to help people who are struggling to people who are struggling, especially those within the same communities.

St. De Paul Wiki

The St. De Paul Wiki helps ordinary people and community leaders to collaborate to provide information about social services in the area to people who are struggling

Social Service Application Assistance

St. De Paul makes it easy to apply for social services online, even social services which traditionally require snail mail to apply.

How you can help

Contribute to the St. De Paul Wiki

We need people who can add information about social services that can help people who are struggling!

Become a Helper

A helper is someone who provides some type of free service for people struggling, or someone who donates. If you can, please consider becoming a Helper!

Other ways to contribute

You also can contribute and help St. De Paul in the follow ways:

Contribute to Development

The source code for St. De Paul is at GitHub; it is open source. You can contribute to the project and make a positive impact.

Spread the Word

Telling people about St. De Paul can help more people: more people may contribute and donate (to struggling people and to St. De Paul)! 100% of donations made to people struggling go directly to the people struggling.


You can also donate to St. De Paul, the organization. This goes towards research on how to best help the poor, and to help leadership to keep the project moving forward.

Join St. De Paul

If you are interested in being a part of St. De Paul, please consider registering! Even if you can't donate, you can help us by contributing to our wiki for your community (adding information about social services that help people who are struggling).

  Join St. De Paul